Bisong Taiwo.

Winnipeg Videographer

Bisong Taiwo. Winnipeg Videographer: “My goal is to tell compelling, dramatic, and experimental stories through film and video games”. Also, we have a diverser range of skills. Furthermore, those skills include making video games and creating movies. Because we have the required skillset to make your dream a reality. In addition, we also write short stories and novels.


Most noteworthy I’m your videographer for hire Especially relevant: my dream is to see your dream immortalized on camera. Furthermore with BOAT Entertainment, you’ve made the right choice.

Social Media

First of all, Instagram: @bisong_taiwo In addition, Facebook: Finally, Website:

Bisong Taiwo. BOAT Entertainment - Winnipeg Videographer


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The Bride - Short Film

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Wumi & Gabriel

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Johanna & Anthony

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Alero & Elikem